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Doctors Services Group


About Our Company


Helping Doctors with the Business of Medicine.

Doctors Services Group was established in 2005 and has been growing ever since. For over ten years we have been the industry leader in the provision of an Uninsured Service-billing program. We offer physicians a ‘one stop shop’ that allows them to get their Uninsured Service billing under control and maximize their returns. Clients implement our services to outsource the administrative burden associated with independently managing an Uninsured Service billing program. With over a decade of experience Doctors Services Group is the professional and economical alternative to performing these functions internally. In addition to an Annual Fee Program, Doctors Services provides many supplementary services that when implemented, will help physicians increase revenue, enhance efficiency, and improve doctor-patient communication.


Our Promise To You

At Doctors Services Group we pride ourselves on quality and service.

The Uninsured Service Billing Program is built upon our belief that physicians should be fairly compensated for all the services that they provide and that patients should be informed of what uninsured services are and why they are paying for them. No other company will provide the same caliber of patient education and customer service for your patients. At Doctors Services Group there is always a friendly voice answering the phone, willing to take the time to speak with patients and answer any questions or concerns that they may have.

Additionally, our supplementary services were designed with both the physician and patient in mind. These services not only enhance productivity and revenue for doctors, but also provide patients with tools that make health care more convenient, informative, and higher quality. Whether you chose to implement our Secure Email Platform, Pre-Payment Feature, or more, there is a feature that can significantly improve the way you run your practice and create a better health care experience for your patients.



“It has been a pleasure working with all the remarkable staff at Doctors Services the last several years…Doctor Services changed our office into such an organized clinic…Their hard work and dedication in making our Uninsured Service program flourish, has not gone unnoticed. Running the individual invoicing for us has also taken a load off of our staff. I would recommend their services to any practice large or small.”

–Dr. Yoels Abells, Medical Director, Forest Hill Family Health Centre, Toronto

“It was so gratifying to finally have a corporate structure that communicates with us on a weekly basis, and sends us our money on a regular basis…We have no doubts that this relationship will continue as positively as it has begun.”

-Dr. Brian Silver, Generations Family Health Centre , Toronto


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