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Doctors Services Group provides the industry leading Uninsured Services Billing Program.

Doctors Services Group is the industry leader for uninsured service billing programs and also offers physicians a suite of additional tools and services that will transform practice productivity and enhance patient care.

At Doctors Services we believe that physicians should be fairly compensated for all services they provide and that patients should be informed of what uninsured services are and why they are paying for them. Our Annual Fee/Block Fee Billing program is fully customizable, professionally run, and most importantly it educates patients and provides them with exemplary customer service.

In addition to uninsured service billing, Doctors Services provides supplementary services that adopt new technologies and steer your practice towards the new age of health care. The secure email communication platform and pre-payment tool are two of our newest features that once implemented, can improve physicians practice productivity and revenue. Designed with both the patient and physician in mind, these services are efficient and completely simple to use. Not only will they enhance practice administration on the physicians end, but also your patients will thank you for the improved convenience.

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